August 31, 2016



Omicron is the first dividend issuing cryptocurrency that will be bound to its own blockchain and will be able to be traded on exchanges.

How to receive dividends?

A minimum sum of 10,000 Omicron in a single address is required to receive bi-weekly dividends. On every-other Saturday on a random time, Bitcoin dividends will be issued to registered addresses with balances of over 10,000. This amount needs to be in the address at the time of dividend-issuance.

How to register an address?

  1. Send 0.01 OMC to this address from the address you are using to receive dividends (verification purposes): 7DsgZ1iQdLm5PAHCTSMRvotjzd721EToXu
  2. Fill out the form on the right to become a registered address.

Every two weeks on Saturday, the address you registered will be scanned to identify the current balance, and dividends will be issued based on the amount of OMC (over 10,000 minimum).