August 31, 2016

What is Delta Investments?


Delta Investments started in August 2015 as a Bitcoin investment service. It was met with much skepticism, and took it a couple of months for things to really take root. By 2016, tens of thousands of dollars were flowing into the program, and yielded investors stable weekly returns earned from trading on altcoin markets. On February 2016, the service shut down due to personal reasons of the fund manager. All investors were reimbursed with any outstanding returns. On August 2016, one year after its inception, Delta Investments re-opened and continued its trading services. Its history can be viewed on the Bitcointalk forum.

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What has it got to do with Omicron?

Delta Investments funds will be combined with OMC ICO funds and invested as a whole. This is to create a larger working base capital and simplicity of management. A small percentage of Delta Investment returns will be issued to OMC holders as well.